Meet Steve Munsey

Steve Munsey has spent his entire life as a devoted servant of the Lord, currently serving as the senior pastor of the Family Christian Center with his wife, Melodye, in Munster Indiana. With a passion to share the good news of Jesus, Steve is known as an innovative and dynamic preacher, bridging traditional preaching with the digital era to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reach lost souls far and wide. He is perhaps best known for his television program, YES YOU CAN, which is carried on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and shortwave radio across the globe, and has appeared with other renowned preachers such as Joel Osteen.

Early Life

The son of Pastors Frank and Ruth Munsey, Steve grew up within the church, finding his calling at a young age. Though he connected with the words of the Bible, he felt that Sunday School classes were too dry in expressing the wondrous and powerful stories that he was learning about. At around the age of ten, he noticed that the services would lose the attention of many of his peers and decided to help his Sunday School teacher out with an idea he had to illustrate the story she was teaching. He ran to a nearby utility closet and grabbed whatever “prop” he could find and came back in as the character she was describing. Each week, his ideas grew with creativity and the Sunday School began to grow as others were telling their friends to come join them to see Young Steve tell stories on Sundays.

Young Steve had no idea back then that this style of preaching would one day captivate congregations of adults and help him adequately deliver the message of Jesus Christ in a powerful way. At age 19, Steve began to travel around the nation speaking at youth camps until his popularity grew to the point where he was speaking to adult congregations. Signs and wonders began to follow as his faith began to grow in the miracle working power of Jesus. Testimonies were coming in of people being healed of sickness and disease along with breakthrough happening in many areas of peoples lives. After helping to strengthen many churches and even leading one successfully in another state, Steve Munsey returned to Northwest Indiana and became the Senior Pastor of Family Christian Center in 1984.

About the Family Christian Center

The Family Christian Center is a diverse church whose congregation is comprised of more than 18,000 multicultural believers who are connected by commitment to the lessons and values taught in the Bible, a love for Jesus Christ, and a devotion to seeing the message of Jesus Christ shared in their community and across the world. Founded in 1950, the Church features Pastor Steve’s unique ability to teach and inspire the congregation through vibrant reenactment of Bible stories and other dramas that Steve has written himself, such as Jesus of Nazareth, which has been seen by thousands of people since it was written. Through illustrated sermons and productions (such as Jesus of Nazareth, Scrooge, Yellow Brick Road, Choices/HeartBreak Hotel, Millenium Jesus, White Throne Judgement, Jonah and the Whale, Noah, Heavenly Heroes, Let Freedom Ring and many more) hundreds of thousands of people who would not normally attend church have come to learn about the message of Jesus Christ through this productions and joined the journey of faith.  Family Christian Center also has its own radio station at 88.3FM Crosstower radio that locally broadcasts christian music. The church also equips and teaches both youth and adults in the area of performing arts and media technologies.

More on Steve

One of the greatest joys in Steve’s life is that of his family. His 20+ years of marriage with Melodye Munsey has blessed him with two children, Kent (of City Church Chicago) and Candace, who have in turn blessed him with six wonderful grandchildren.

Steve Munsey is also the author of popular books such as Seven Blessings of the Passover, Seven Blessings of the Atonement, and Unleashing Your God-Given Dreams. His most recent book, How to Become a Heavenly Hero, was released last summer and is told from the unique perspective of the bible characters listed in the Hebrew’s Hall of Fame.